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Lizard Yoga is a multi-faceted holistic spa that Austinites love.


In today’s world, we digest an unprecedented amount of information. Most of it is fear-based, neurotic, and useless. It is important to discern and disengage from the all the “noise” and chaotic energy that surrounds us.

Many who seek self-care do yoga, practice breathwork, enjoy a sauna or sound bath, get a massage, or float. These self-care techniques are very beneficial but practiced at various locations.

Until now. 

Lizard Yoga is a holistic healing spa that offers an exquisite blend of classic and modern wellness practices, extending well beyond the traditional yoga therapies. Our amenities include private contrast therapy suites with ice baths set at 45 degrees Fahrenheit to help your body rejuvenate, stimulate your nervous system, and improve your blood circulation. And, our infrared sauna that offers deep, soothing heat, aiding in detoxification, pain relief, and skin purification. Traditional sauna sessions are also available for those seeking a classic sweat-dripping, stress-relieving experience.

At Lizard Yoga, you can also indulge in various types of massages, each designed to release tension and promote relaxation. We offer sound baths – a therapeutic session with sounds and vibrations intended to relax your mind and heal your body. Our breathwork sessions are designed to help you achieve a state of mindfulness and tranquility through controlled breathing exercises.

If you crave sensory deprivation, we offer four floatation pods that include waterfall showers with all the products you will need.

Lastly, we host various events and workshops aimed at fostering a sense of community, promoting a holistic lifestyle, and allowing our members to deepen their understanding of wellness practices. All these services come together to offer an immersive healing experience for our community, making Lizard Yoga a one-of-a-kind, time-saving wellness retreat in the heart of Austin.

Become a member and save on all our services, and stack them according to your preferences. We look forward to meeting you and becoming your go-to wellness spa!

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