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Lizard Yoga is a Biohacking Spa committed to connecting guests to their Highest imaginable Self. We hold Space for some of the latest in Healing Modalities and Human Optimization. Guests enjoy Community, Ease, and Convenience in the One-Stop Spa for Wellness at Lizard Yoga.

No, they are not. While both yoga and Pilates involve physical exercise and activities, they each have distinct origins and goals. Yoga is an ancient Indian technique that focuses on the mind-body link, whereas Pilates is a contemporary fitness practice that emphasizes muscular strength and endurance. Yoga may help with overall health and well-being.

In today’s world, we are exposed to an unmeasurable amount of data. The majority of it is anxiogenic, neurotic, and useless. Quick meditation and breathing exercises may be enough to refresh your mind. Perhaps a trip to the yoga studio would help you reset your thoughts. A cold dip at 45°F might assist with

We adore each of these self-care ideas.

However, aren’t most of these services only available in various locations?

Now that isn’t the case. Not in Austin, Texas. We refer to our health spa as a one-stop shop for all of your wellness requirements. In other words, we’re a biohacking spa with no prior history in Austin, Texas. Join us for a standalone float session, massage, or sound healing, or join our membership.

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