Health Benefits of Massage


Massage therapy isn’t one of those things that you can just get during your lunch break. Getting a massage is an event, not a quick session. It is an integral part of self-care. There are plenty of ways to justify periodic massage therapy. To demonstrate why putting money down for massage is always worth it, here are some statistics about massage therapy and what it can do for your body.

1. People who receive massage therapy go to the doctor less frequently than those who don’t.
2. Massage is an effective way to reduce pain and tension.
3. Massage sessions boost the immune system.
4. Studies show massage helps alleviate allergies.
5. There are great massage options for pregnant women. Keep in mind that massage should never replace prenatal care.

These benefits of massage should be enough to convince anyone that massage should be part of their health regimen. There’s no denying that massage is good for you.  It’s good for the body, mind, and spirit.

The massage industry shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, massage is one of the fastest-growing industries today. As massage therapies continue to grow in popularity, massage sessions are becoming less expensive, even though although massage therapists still require training and certification which does come with a cost.

Massage therapy isn’t just for adults. It can be beneficial for children as well.

Baby massage has gained popularity over the last few years because it offers several health benefits for babies ranging from helping reduce colic to reducing stress levels. Baby massage also helps build trust between parents and their infants. Even though baby massage is relatively new on the scene, there has been plenty of research done on how beneficial it can be for you to get them out of the way if you’re busy during these few days.

To get the full health benefits of massage, it’s important to choose a reputable massage therapist who can recommend the right methods for your body type and lifestyle needs. Some massage therapists have specializations that allow them to work on certain parts of the body or a child.

According to massage therapists, massage therapy sessions should be conducted every three to four weeks. They shouldn’t last more than an hour and a half because massage works by stimulating circulation. In general, massage sessions should be 60 minutes long at most with 30 minutes of massage time and the other half being relaxation time. The benefits of massage usually last for several days following a session.

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