Cold Plunges Boast the Immune System & Blood Flow


Cold plunges have been around since ancient times and have been used in various forms of hydrotherapy around the world to increase blood circulation, which helps your organs absorb more nutrients that are carried via blood. Cold plunges also help skin elasticity and helps stabilize blood pressure.

It is a known fact that cold plunges can improve your immune system by stimulating the production of proteins such as cytokines, which help aid the body when there is an infection, trauma, inflammation, or diseases such as cancer.

The best way to practice cold plunges in a regulated environment such as Lizard Yoga & Wellness is to sit in our sauna for a few minutes and then take a cold-water plunge once your body has slightly cooled down. The heat will bring your blood to the surface of your skin. The cold plunge will stimulate the blood’s movement to the organs to initiate warmth in those areas.

Coldwater plunges are exhilarating and refreshing. They are especially practiced worldwide on New Year’s Day in the famous “Polar Bear Splash,” which we also have here in Austin at Barton Springs. The average temperature of 67 degrees is a far cry from just above freezing in most regions, but most residents of Austin think of the annual splash as a challenge when outside temperatures can fall to around 40 degrees that time of year.

Another way you can adapt to cold plunges is to take a shower and then turn the water up to a higher level for a few minutes and then turn it to the coldest setting. This is an extremely good daily practice and will get you going in the morning.

Our cold plunges are available to you when you want to use this hydrotherapy for colder temperatures and as hydrotherapy. The cold plunge bath at our Lizard Yoga & Wellness is 43 degrees and most beginners can last for merely a minute, but that’s okay. That’s all it takes to stimulate your body’s immune system and help repair any health issues.

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