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Lizard Yoga Memberships are designed to save you time and money.  If you are in need of a regular message, we’ve got you. Even when you want to take a yoga class, float or take a private sauna and ice bath, you receive perks as a member. We got you for just $100, AND you can pop into yoga, a float or the private sauna and ice baths suites a la carte at member pricing. There are several options to choose from and you can even have a friend join you. All the healing you could want under one roof. Follow the “buy now” links below to explore all your membership options. We look forward to getting you signed up and seeing you on a regular basis. 

2x /Month Sauna Membership
Unlimited Sauna Membership +1 Guest
90 Minute Massage Membership
Couples Membership
Unlimited Sauna Membership
60 Minute Massage Membership
Unlimited Yoga Membership
Couples Membership + Yoga

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